International Income Opportunity

I Am Looking For Only 3 Qualified Partners
that want to build a large team and Earn A Great Big Monthly Income!

Lucie Bellemare My name is Lucie Bellemare. If you qualify, I want to partner with you to build a highly profitable business online. The qualifications required to be on this team:

  • You are willing to spend at least 5 hours a week advertising online
  • You are able to supply a picture or graphic via email for your personal site
  • You can imagine what a "perfect day" would be like for you
  • You are willing to help 3, and only 3, others do the same
  • Your investment will be $5.00/month. If you are motivated and meet the above requirements you will do well and should be in profit your first month.

    Once you join, you will be contacted by email for your photo to have a page just like this.
    That email will also contain advertising suggestions and one on one support.
    Once I have 3, I will begin advertising your page.
    PS - I've already got my 3! Now I'm advertising for my team so you may be redirected to one of their sites. This is really how things are supposed to go!

    Please, if you can't afford the 5 dollars or you are going to join and do nothing...don't join the team. Making your "perfect day" a reality is possible, if you are willing to do what it takes.

    To read the details about this system please

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    Slow and Steady Sets The Pace - Helping Others Wins The Race